Friday, November 23, 2007

Life is an Illusion..

We grow... we think..
Think without sleep...
To know the answer to the
Questions that will never have an answer..

We can't say what is joy..
For , as someone said,
“Anything that is achieved loses its charm”

We cry for having pain,
but thats not a pain..
We can't understand the real pain..
For we will be tear less for the real pain..

Life is a confusion..
An illusion for short periods..
It gives glimpses of everything..
Nothing stays long..
Days will pass..

Still We think...We laugh..
We cry..
And we live..

Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Young Tortoise

It was my first spring,
I just put my head
out of the shell;
To seek the truth
against the unlimited
imaginations i had about it,
from the stories i heard
from my mom and friends!

I felt ecstatically great,
by the warm, soothing light
after the last cold and dark night.
I enjoyed the day
and the days that came next,
playing in the sand and sea water,
made new friends!

Spring was just a hope to live,
A warm breeze but short lived,
Then it just went,
leaving only bare thoughts,
Ofcourse reminded me to
put my head back inside the shell!!!