Monday, October 5, 2009

My Experience in Switzerland

Switzerland is a dream country! The high and wide range of Alps just inspires to work with much determination!! Those colorful leaves at the threshold of winter, reminds me of the stories I read in childhood about the Oak, the Jennifer trees..and imagined.
Truely, its a wonder.

There are mainly 3 (sometimes 4) important languages in Switzerland. This I came to know only when we landed in Zurich airport, trying to read some boards. German, Italian and French. So it is like a little India. Someone said, 'Switzerland is so small on the map, but the diversity in culture is not that small'.

Well, I had an opportunity to have some site seeing. Some are very nice and memorable. One of it was the Rhone glacier where the river Rhone originates. No words to explain. I felt an immense pleasure to watch those high mountains and deep valleys!! We were 2000 mtrs high and felt satisfied to be born!! Little too much but the pleasure is inexpressible in words. However, I carry those feelings marked forever.

Another nice experience was with chinyo!

If I was lost to myself, found myself back a little bit!! Grathsiye my dear chinyo!

For the first time (not considering in zoo) I watched and touched Swan. Its called chinyo in Italian. What a sweet word. It was so beautiful. there were littile chinyo too which are to be called pikkolo chinyo!!

Of course Italian is a beautiful language. To my surprise, it has an accent similar to south Indian languages. Whenever I tried to learn Italian words, I got a compliment for my accent. But I had to give credit to my mother tongue where we give much stress to 'ra' which is the case in Italian too. And an important thing is they speak what they write, unlike french people. For instance, 'bonjour' in french is to be pronounced 'bonshu' with only a little touch of 'n', not 'bon-shu'. But in Italian, 'buon giorno' is 'buon giorno'. I heard someone saying that Italian is called an Indo-European language. I did not search in google to check how much it is true. But nevertheless we did Indo-European, rather Indo-Italian dishes for sure!! :)
We prepared chapatis using Ferina floor, and curry of Finokyo (a vegetable in Europe), Curry of Pepparoni (capsicum). Actual recipe was italian. I added Indian Chatni powder that my mom had prepared and 'oggarane' too!! :) :) :) It was sooperb! Carrying heavy and light feelings, on my way to France in a week felt to share with you my experience. Grathsiye Swiss!!