Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tough Time

In my PhD Career there at times I felt life was too tough to face. I have a little brother who stood with me at all those times. He has filled the place of my big brother, whom I miss at these tough times. Once, I was going through a horrible situation, and in reply to my reactions to the situation, here is a poem written by my little sweet brother Avijeet.

A Voyage

In the troubled waters of the night
a boat has set sail
gusts of wind and ocean waves
can't sway her from the path

tremble it may though
left or right at times
the rudder inside
is held steady and tight

the flame
that burns within
shines through the dark

behold o creatures of dark!
that dawn is not far away

rays of light
will soon fill the ocean
and every tear drop
will glitter like a pearl.