Thursday, July 19, 2007

Real Vs Imaginary.

This is just an attempt to reflect my view of real and imaginary world. Will add more whenever i find time. Einstein said,
As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain;
and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.
I love mathematics and transitivity holds. That means most of the times i dwell in this imaginary world which does not refer to reality. Most of us are in this state of mind at least for sometime.
Of course, i imagine a lot. If anything is not like what i have imagined,
i just can't accept it. Approximations, are mandatory in order to apply a mathematical theory to a
physical situation to understand the situation practically. Because physically nothing can be understood by a pure mathematical theory. I imagine a story behind everything i come across.
It may be the number sequence, swarasthana of swaras, a raaga, a star, an unseen place or people.
This has made me enjoy abstract things in mathematics in my own way and has made me love mathematics, pure mathematics the most. Also it lead me to love raagas such as Maalkouns or Hindola, by feeling them. But it has also made me suffer a lot. Indeed you will learn to live when such processings take place inside your mind. But reality, most of the times has proved the contradictions particularly with people. That means, when imagination is applied to a real situation as it is. It certainly needs some approximations. This is my claim. It may be very early to conclude so. Hope my experience with time, physics and mathematics will give more acceptable proofs and hope i learn more. Do you call it madness? This state of mind, is called madness or absent mindedness if it belongs to a normal person. If it is of great people, it is called "Antharmukhi", or turned to ones own self state. Why?? This state of mind will be there
for all. If you make good use of it, it may lead to your success, increase your analyzing power etc. If you allow yourself to suffer, you will be no-where but mad. It can be most challenging to find both the states in phase and realize the self, which may be the ultimate truth.
That will lead to take a complete control over your mind??

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Deer And a Friend not close

On the tip of a hill,
A Little deer stands still
Lost from the herd,
A voice it heard,
Go ahead.
At the cost of taking
the road not taken
repeated the voice,
Go ahead.
No horns to fight,
Only a dream tied tight,
Wind letting down,
Green looking brown,
Repeated the voice,
Go ahead.
Far above in sky,
A lamp bright do lie,
Lighting the entire land,
Held by an unseen hand.
Hand of a friend not close,
A friend you scare to lose,
A friend not a friend
Not close still a friend.
Lamp the hope of light,
Lasts only till night,
Trembled the deer,
Its voice did quaver,
Starring the setting sun,
Made up its mind to run,
Again it heard the voice,
Go ahead,
Don't stop but run,
Don't stop till u win.

Created on : 13th Dec, 2004.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

To Kuduremukh Hills.

Oh Blue Mountain
Why are you hiding thyself by,
Those snowy clouds?
Can't I have a single glimpse
Over thy Vallies deep!
Edges steep!
How can you stand still for
Long aloof hours?
Don't you feel like flying
With thy feathered tiny comrades?
One Day,
When sun is young,
Rain droplets do sing,
I'll climb the coloured bow
at a strech!
And reach the aloft land
on thy rocky bed!
To feel thy eternal beauty
Alive or Dead!!!

Created on 24th Oct, 2004.