Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To all whom i miss...

If you are not there, i can't say i will be sad,
but, for sure will be lost in this crowded world,
like a drop of rain that will be lost in sea water..
like a feather of a bird lost in the bushes..
there will be enough space to live,
but i won't have anything to give..
I will not be a burden to anyone,
but like a guest in my own home..

i can't say i cannot afford losing your friendship,
as nothing is impossible..
and i cannot control the flow..
but it will be a wound that would never heal...
and i will be lost in the time-wheel...
and i am sure, it will never make a difference to anyone...
and a friend i would never lose
would be a lamp which reminds of my duty..

1 comment:

mahadeva said...

congrats..its nice why cant u write translate in kannada